About Us

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Universal Realty Group is proudly owned and supported by the Hexa Group Company. Hexa’s subsidiaries include Hexa Management, Hexa Construction, Hexa Capital, and Universal Education & Migration. Hexa Group is involved in various professional real estate project development and management, large-scale commercial and residential construction projects of interior decoration, high-end property sales, management, consulting and investment funds to study migration management across Australia.

With the rapid increase of investment institutions and investors around the world, the demand for real estate in Australia is soaring up in recent years. With such a trend,  Universal Realty Group combined the resources from the Hexa Group Company and other high-quality real estate resources, through professional project analysis and comparison of many projects, aims to guide the investment community to make more rational investment.

Currently Universal has launched a real estate home sales in Australia and many other countries, united and seeking for partners from other high platform as well.

Universe Immigration can provide our customers with the proper planning and organization of further potential migrants in Australia, with one-stop service.


Build credibility with a sincerely attitude

In recent years the company has developed rapidly, with the international market strategy, Hexa Group strategically allocated resources to create Universal Realty as the new brand that serves the customers, seeks to establish a brand image, increase customer loyalty and perceived value for customers to reduce purchase risk. With steady development, demanding honesty, in the fierce competition in the market Universal Realty will continue to maintain core strengths afterwards.


Professional team

Highly professional and trained team is the core competitiveness of the Universal Realty by years of real estate industry. Formed by elite professional consultant, Australia registered lawyer, licensed immigration consultants, financial advisors and sales representatives, most members of the team are second-generation immigrants or the elite of G8. As a result, the team has extensive understanding of the Australian Real Estate industry, and a depth of understanding of Chinese culture. Universal Realty proudly support the customers from a wide range of services, from property investment, financing, legal, study abroad, immigration, taxation, etc. to provide comprehensive and timely services at all time.